About Us

From the rolling pasture land of the Flint Hills on the East to the golden wheat fields on the West, the South Central Kansas Tourism Region has something for everyone as it reaches from "the prairie to the stars."

The area is rich in stories of the past, examples of the present, and dreams of the future. One can travel back in history to the days of Coronado and his quest for the cities of gold. The traveler can experience something of the Old West, gunfighters, the Santa Fe and Chisholm Trails, old army forts and the culture of Native Americans. At the same time it is possible to experience the realities of space travel or to discover the latest developments in manned flights and supersonic jets.

If your interest is sports and recreation, the area offers everything one could desire, with lakes for fishing and boating, campgrounds, hunting, bird sanctuaries, and wildlife refuges where one can view birds and animals in their natural surroundings.

Artists and craftsmen of every kind can be found throughout the area. It is possible to see glass blowing, jewelry making, pottery, quilts, wooden crafts, metal sculpting, and a wide variety of creative artistry.