Wine-growing areas are important tourist destination

Back in France, wine-growing areas are important tourist destinations offering a myriad of tourist products linked to wine and fauna. 1 third of tourists cite gastronomy and wine as reasons for selecting a stay. More informations Wine tourism is very appreciated for many activities it offers: tasting great wines, walking in the vineyards, fulfilling winegrowers… Wine tourism, also called wine tourism, which consists in detecting the wine-producing areas. Tourists can execute many activities associated with viticulture: champagne tasting courses, visits to museums, cellars or even hikes in the woods. Wine tourism provides the chance to combine vacations and tradition, with the discovery of some region, a gastronomy, a land and the knowledge of the wine world… Opt for a holiday in France with wine tourism! It’s not necessary to ruin yourself France is a dream destination for a cheap holiday whilst.


By converting to the vineyard, many supervisors dream is made. However, this profession needs a complete bodily, patrimonial and expert dedication: some winegrower (or winegrower) is someone who works a vineyard, as an owner or tenant. The center of the winegrower’s livelihood consists in cultivating the vine to make grapes and change them by means of a process that is winemaking into wine. To learn more about wine stays, contact Wine & Spirit. Regardless of the scale of this profession (small organic manufacturers, winegrowers, etc.), the function of a winegrower remains very demanding and requires several skills, aside from intellectual abilities, the winegrower must prove flexibility and a certain physical capability to do his job well. He is a superb user friendly, with an exceptional awareness of relationship, who has to demonstrate a good foundation in negotiation, with a ideal trader’s flair. He should also demonstrate a control of client relations funding management and content administration. As the winegrower’s job is above a field job, you need to necessarily have a high degree of agronomic know-how and abilities. It is highly recommended also to get a deep regard for the surroundings and nature and to enjoy working the land.

The AOC identifies a product

The AOC identifies a product which derives typicity and its authenticity out of its origin. Production or production is indicated with natural factors (connected to climate, geography, soil character, etc.) and with a human tradition linked to know-how. To gain from this, a product meet certain production conditions, should come in a production region that is defined and have a reputation. Producers must develop a trade union or association and submit a document, with specifications to the INAO, Institut National des Appellations d’Origine, the designations granted wine. They account for 80 percent of wine production Now.